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Protection for businesses

Protecting your business

While no one can totally prevent identity theft due to the human element of this crime, there are steps that a company can take to minimise risk factors for all of us. Secure information handling practices are the key to keeping identifying information out of the hands of thieves.

In June 2005 a credit card security breach affected 40 million credit cards worldwide including 130,000 in Australia. Data records stored by an American company that processed credit card payments for American merchants had been fraudulently accessed.

This is an extreme example, but all businesses that store customer data need to have best practice security protocols in place to protect their systems and data from fraudulent access.

These fact sheets provide advice on how to protect your business and customers and recognise the symptoms if it should happen to you.

Fact sheets What it tells you
Protecting your business information

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Useful information for any business that keeps sensitive information and uses the Internet for trading, selling or record keeping.
Protecting your customers

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Check what protections your business has in place with regards to personal details of customers and your privacy obligations.

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