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Warning signs 

Picture of a road sign with an exclamation mark in it
  • Your wallet or purse containing personal information, such as your driver’s licence, Medicare, credit and ATM cards, is lost or stolen.
  • Your home is burgled and your personal information and documents, or those of close family members, are taken.
  • Important documents are posted to you and stolen from your letterbox. For example, bank and credit card statements, new cheque books, ATM, debit and/or credit cards, taxation returns or cheques, or pre-approved credit card offers. Naturally, you may be unaware that these were sent to you if they do not arrive.
  • Mail that you were expecting does not arrive. Thieves may assume your identity to complete a 'change of address' form – diverting your mail to another address.
  • Your rubbish appears to have been searched. Information found in the garbage could provide a thief with a head start in stealing your identity.
  • Being conned into providing personal information over the telephone or by e-mail. You can find out more information about scams at or at
  • The computer you use starts behaving strangely. This may indicate the computer has been  hacked, or has a computer Trojan horse program may be used to send spam, log keystrokes to steal information such as passwords and credit card numbers or phish for bank or other account details. If the computer does not have up to date security patches, antivirus and firewall software, it is also possible to be compromised with no symptoms.
  • Your personal information is stolen and used or sold by employees of legitimate businesses: for example, credit card Trojans or malicious software. It is best that you do not open an email where you do not know the sender.



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